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Bringing Home Ashley aka Bringing Ashley Home Based on a True Story

Bringing Home Ashley is a Lifetime Movie based on Libba Phillips. The true story follows Libba's journey of locating her missing sister Ashley. Below you can find some articles about the real case and see some photos of the real Libba Phillips.

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Ashley Phillips, Libba Phillips True Stories

Below are some really good articles about the whole case. Libba's page is also listed below.

Another Good article here by By Joan Morris

Bringing Her Sister Home (People's Magazine)

Libba's Story

Other Bipolar and Missing Cases (recent)

You really did not start to hear stories of people who are bipolar and missing in the mainstream media until the mid to late eighties. Most of the bipolar and missing cases that you hear about are rather recent.  That does not mean there were no such cases in earlier years. Here are a few recent cases that are somewhat similar to Libba's story. These cases, however, have not been made into a movie.

October 2011
Josh Rubin, the owner of Whisk Cafe, went missing on October 31, 2011 in Brooklyn, New York. No one knows what happened to him. Sources say that Josh Rubin suffers from Bipolar Disorder. There is a Facebook page in his honor called Find Josh Rubin. He is diabetic and in need of his medication. It is possible that his disappearance could also be due to money problems related to his cafe. You can see pics of Josh on his page, as well as communicate with his family friends HERE